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3.6 Ideas

Pass around beeswax to each person as the meeting is going on, and invite them to make some small figure. The beeswax starts out cold and hard, and it is by the warmth and squeezing of your hands that is softens up. After awhile, ask people to show the group what they have made. Enjoy them. Have everyone to give it to their partner. All is well. Then tell them to squish the figure. Ouch.

As much as we might like to believe we will never hurt our spouse, the reality is we will. That is part and parcel to a shared life. But that is not the end of the story. Invite everyone to take that softened beeswax and make something new. The wax is more pliable now, and is more easily molded. Keep the group going as people create yet a new gift for their partner, and offer it back again.

We are more pliable and soft, after we make mistakes and learn to forgive. Perhaps it was the plan after all.