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8.3 The Story

Stars have long been the mailbox for wishes about finding the person of one's dreams. I like that it aims our attention heavenward. There is a delightful children's book called Starlight Bride by Paul Owen Lewis that describes a prince and young woman who both ask God to lead them through the brightness of a star to true marriage love. 

I have heard of deals people make with God to show them a sign of who to marry. My own husband had one. He and God had an understanding... if John found a woman who felt the same way as he did about why babies die, and how it fits between providence and freedom, he would marry her. 

We were driving in my white '65 Mustang when he asked me, back in 1979, what I thought about such things. I launched into how I had wrestled the pieces together in my mind, and finished as we were waiting at a red light on Route 202. He said nothing. 

I thought, "He thinks I am stupid."

He thought, "I have to marry her."

It was several months before John made good on his promise to God, and proposed, and longer still until he told me about The Deal.

For us it was a wonderful way to feel led and yet free at the same time. Thank you, Lord.

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