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9.3 The Story

Infographics are the new teaching tool. When someone can strangle the results of a study into a pretty picture, it increases the likelihood of that information being disseminated. 

This example includes concepts I have heard before: 
Five positives to one negative is the magic ratio of a happy marriage
Asking a couple to recall a time they cracked up together rekindles those feelings
Couples who can use humor or compromise to mitigate conflict are happier
Appreciations are common in healthy relationships
Spending more time talking together is indicative of a good marriage
But words can be boring. Seeing little pictures helps settle it into your brain with a tad more glue. 
I especially like the suggestion to remember laughter. Hearing John laugh is one of the sweetest sounds in my list of favorites. I am not the funniest kid on the block so I have to resort to other sources of humor. One time we pealed over a list of mistakes made on college essays, and excuses parents handed in to teachers about their child's absence. Here are a few.
"Please excuse Susie on April 29, 20, 31 and 32."
"We forgot to bring in the newspaper on Sunday so when it was still on the porch on Monday we thought it was still Sunday."
"Benjamin Franklin invented electricity."
But my humor is not nearly as rich as your own. Go laugh with someone you love.