About the book Married Love


Married Love (also translated as Conjugial Love, Marital Love, Marriage Love, and Love in Marriage) was originally published in 1768 by Emmanuel Swedenborg, as Deliciae Sapientiae de Amore Conjugiali, post quas sequuntur Voluptates Insaniae de Amore Scortatorio. The book was groundbreaking in a number of ways. Few books had been written on the subject of marriage prior to this, and none with such scope and breadth. Swedenborg himself had published many scattered teachings about marriage, but this book provided a much more complete treatment with new and revelatory material. Some of the key ideas presented in Married Love are:

  • True marriage is not just a temporary arrangement for this world, but an eternal union of two souls into one. Those who desire it have completely happy marriages in heaven.
  • True married love is heavenly and spiritual more than every other love, a reflection of the Lord's infinite, divine love for all people. It is not a distraction from spiritual life but its constant companion.
  • True marriage is between husband and wife as free and equal partners. Swedenborg spoke out against the traditional Christian concept of wives being subject to their husbands.
  • A genuine marriage is the most significant way to have a positive impact on the world, because in the context of marriage parters learn how to love and can raise children in a home where they can learn what love is.
  • True marriage is filled with every kind of blessing, joy and happiness, and is God's primary way of sharing His happiness with human beings.
  • True love is not something that magically happens to a person but something that grows over a lifetime of self-improvement, spiritual growth, compassion and devoted service.