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1.1 New Creation

Just days ago there was snow on the ground, and now snowdrops are blooming and daffodils are poking their spears through decayed dead leaves of last fall. Warmer winds are caressing the barren trees, and the tips of their branches are blushing with swelling buds. Even though spring comes every year I still find it miraculous, as if the whole world is recreated in just a week or two.

The story about creation in the Bible has been widely debated by scientists and theologians in recent years, but frequently the focus of the debate is on the value of the Bible as a science textbook. By focusing on whether the creation story is literally true, we miss the real purpose of the Bible, which is to help us love our fellow human beings and the God who created them. The story of creation is really a story of how the Lord can create good things in our lives. This month we begin a series of articles on Recreat-ing Your Marriage, using the six days of creation in Genesis to show six steps you can take to transform your marriage.