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3.2 Day by day


Notice that the first two days prepare the way for the third day, since a plant needs light and water if it is to bear fruit. If you have a vision for creating love in your life (that is, if you have light), and you learn your partners needs and how to meet them (that is if you have water), then the seeds of love will bear fruit (that is, you will express love in your actions.

On theGod createdWhich means that I can...
1st Day Light, day, night See the possibility of love. Get a vision for my marriage. Choose to love. See God as Love.
2nd Day Waters above and waters beneath Learn about my partner. Learn how to love. Learn about God's love. Read the Lord’s Word, the Bible.
3rd Day Land, plants, trees bearing fruit Be productive, proactive. Meet my partner's needs. Avoid being hurtful. "Do to each other every good."