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5.4 Lift Your Thoughts

Your task for this fifth day of creation is twofold. First, lift your mind above earthly things to heavenly things. Think about the Lord, heaven and eternity. Think about love, mercy and forgiveness. Rise up out of your sea of worries and the mire of anger or bitterness. Second, speak with conviction about the things you value. Talk with your partner about the Lord and His mercy, about heaven and eternal life. Tell her why you value her. Let him know how much he matters to you. And be willing to apologize and to forgive, for this is part of being raised up.

People who are in a state of truly conjugial love look to eternity in their marriage because eternity is inherent in this love... If one were to snatch away an idea of eternity, therefore, or if by some chance it should slip from their minds, it would be as though they were cast down from heaven (Married Love 216).