6.1 Living Souls
Friday, November 6, 2009 at 02:15AM
Caring for Marriage

The story of creation in the Bible, like all stories there, is not so much about a natural process as a spiritual one. It is the story of how the Lord step by step creates a whole new world for each of us—a world of love, compassion, happiness and usefulness. Ultimately it is the Lord’s work (as we will see in more detail in the next article), but there are things we can do to cooperate with the Lord at each stage. Here is an overview of the steps in the process:

Day 1: Let there be light! Envision the possibility of the Lord's love being in your life and your marriage.
Day 2: Waters above and below. Get to know the Lord and your partner. Pay attention to your conscience and the teachings of the Word.
Day 3: Dry land and plants. Bear fruit. Do to each other every good. Do your best to serve the Lord, your partner and your community.
Day 4: Sun, Moon and stars. Light your fire. Commit to being loving, joyful, enthusiastic.
Day 5: Fish and Birds. Lift your thoughts. Think about heaven and eternal life. Forgive and be forgiven.
Day 6: Animals and People. Show empathy. Feel your partner’s joys as your own. Name the feelings.
Day 7: Rest. Trust the Lord to guide your marriage. Turn to Him as the source of all love.

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