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6.2 Animals and Emotions

Right now our focus is on the sixth day—the creation of animals and people. Again, it is actually not about animals, but about something in each of us that is symbolized by the animals. When we call someone a snake, a pig, a fox, a bear or a weasel, the meaning is usually quite clear. Likewise when we call someone a lamb, a kid, a puppy dog or a kitten, we know what it means. Each animal has its own characteristics that we see reflected in various people’s attitudes and characters. Throughout the Bible, people are compared to animals of various kinds: sheep, goats, donkeys, wolves, lions, bears, depending on the kinds of feelings and desires they display. Even the Lord is compared to a lion, a lamb and other animals.

These animals reflect various emotions and attitudes that we have. We have all kinds of feelings, both positive and negative, intense and mild. These feelings are the life-blood of our minds. They influence all our thoughts and actions, even if we are unaware of them.

“If you take away the impulse of love, can you form any thought? Or can you perform any action? In the measure that the affection belonging to love cools, is it not true that in the same measure thought, speech and action cool? And the warmer the affection grows, the warmer they grow” (Married Love 34).