Kids' Program for Marriage Conference


Childcare is a priority for the Marriage Conference. There will be on site care from 8:00 to 4:45 on Saturday including activities, a magic show, music, basketball, an animal show, art projets and free play. The people caring for your children include middle school students, highschool volunteers, college students, adults, and teachers. The program is held in the large gym and Lunch Bunch room for a quiet alternative to the rambunctiousness of the gym. The cost is $25 per family, unless you take a turn during a session caring for children in which case there is no charge. There is no babysitting during meals. 


9:00- Craft Project 

10:00- Dance 

11:00- Magic 

1:30- Briar Bush Nature Show

2:30- Art

3:30- Stenciling

4:00- Movie