Start a Marriage Group

This is a marriage workbook created for you to use together with friends to grow in your relationships. All you need is a few more couples, some coffee and a willingness to show up to make a surprisingly easy difference in your marriages. Each week there are six resources available for you to pick and choose from:

  • The Skill
  • Quotes
  • The Story
  • Activity with Your Children
  • Prayer
  • Ideas

We suggest that you begin meetings with a simple format of "How are you?". This is a chance for each person to tell the group how their day has been, or what is going on for them. This can take a minute or more for each person. We belong to a marriage group that meets sporadically, in which the entire evening for the six of us is comprised of How are you?s. It takes us twenty minutes each. Then we all go home feeling connected and understood. But for most groups, it will be the warm up, not the entire agenda.

If you are the leader, you will bone up on the skill ahead of time, perhaps even practicing it with your spouse, and then introduce it to the group. The first skill, Appreciations, is one that we always include in subsequent meetings as well, giving couples ten minutes to go off by themselves and do right after How are you?s.

Following the skill, and practicing it, you can read the quote, or the story, or simply open it up for a discussion. Couples can do the activity with their children, or explore the ideas section during the week if they choose.

You can end with a prayer, the one you find here or your own, and if you choose to, one more go around of Closing Thoughts. This is a short opportunity for each person to speak again, and to give a response to the evening.

Then you can have a time for refreshments, or conversation.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, or if you need support along the way.