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Candles are only good about half the time. A candle burning in the July sun makes little difference in our ability to see. We can still gather around and make wishes and blow them out, but as far as doing what they are designed to do, daytime is a wash.

But when the power goes out in a lightning storm, with darkness pounding at the panes, and small faces whimpering for mama, a candle is a welcome friend. It is a circle of safety in the blackness of what we cannot see. It shepherds us past looming corners and threatening table corners, saving us from the bumps that inevitably spring from tramping around blindly.

Much of married life feels like it happens in the dark. Oh, our eyes work well enough, but we bang into each other's feelings without meaning to, and sometimes miss each other completely. We hear each other's words and see their faces, but what does it mean? We haven't a clue.

Today we invite you to light a candle, and with it speak some of the truths that have brightened your path. You can read them together, or say the ones written on your hearts. Notice the impact on the dark spaces of your marriage, and let the light shine in. It is your friend.

The light shines in the darkness and the dark did not understand. – John 1