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Flock of Birds

I find it a thing of incredible beauty to simply watch a flock of birds in flight. There is no visible or audible (to me anyway) communication between them, and yet their fluid motion is a complex interaction of scores or hundreds of individual birds. How are they influenced by each other? Who is the leader? Is it a right brain, or a left brain activity?

We humans do not seem to be able to manage the same coordinated movement, except through hours of practice with the drill team or marching band, and even then there is so often the amusing little oboe player out of step. Do we fancy ourselves more intelligent than the sparrows? Not one of them falls without their Heavenly Father knowing. Yet we balk at such complete submission to be led.

Today, go together with your spouse to find some example in nature of this miraculous susceptibility to be influenced. Find a flock of birds, or a school of fish, a trail of ants, or a waddle of baby ducks. Even the leaves of a great oak sway to the same breeze, don new colors to the same invisible conductor, and silently dance to the ground at the same undetectable signal. Watch their harmony of motion, their oneness of life. It looks surprisingly stressless, in contrast to the rugged individuality of our culture. Words may not be a part of today's marriage moment. Just hold hands, look and listen.