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Get in the Game

As the warmer air wafts in more people are shedding polar fleece and taking to the trails. I find that part of me wants to do the aerobic thing too, yet there are.. well obstacles. I realize that I didn't have a lot of role models for exercise. I don't remember any encouragement in my family growing up to go out for soccer, or a lot of basketballs under the tree. But there was plenty of emphasis on good communication. We were my father's in house control group for Parent Effectiveness Training, Revolving Discussion Sequences, and I'm OK, You're OK (Transactional Analysis) while he went back to school for counseling when other kids' dads were throwing baseballs in the back yard. I watched his counseling clients come through the front door looking weary and come out of his office calmer.

Over the years I internalized the message that marriage was something you worked on, something you made sacrifices for. I never really got that idea in regard to physical fitness. So much as I may fantasize that I might take charge of my cardiovascular future, the "Yoga for Wimps" video my daughter bought me for Christmas is still in shrink wrap. Marriage education has firmly rooted itself in the labyrinth of our family routine. It can be exhilarating, like the winning goal in a hockey game, or it can be monotonous and hard, like running laps. (I don't actually know from experience but people tell me.)

Once I was jamming twenty chairs into the living room for marriage group, when my four year old asked, "Why are you doing that, Mama?" I grunted, but John said,"Right now she doesn't remember but she does it because when marriage group is over, she feels much better than before it began." I suppose any coach worth his or her shin guards could say as much about field hockey drills. When the heat of the championship is on, the routines that seemed boring come alive under the pressure of the clock, the crowd and the opponents so annoyingly whacking at your legs.