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In This Together

This is one of many wonderful videos of flash mobs. I love watching them. I think part of the appeal is the strong sense of community. They are absolutely in this together. There is a collective voice and motion that carries the group and crescendos the magic. 

The conference this February in Bryn Athyn is called In This Together. My heart tells me that one of the acids that breaks down marriage is isolation. We lose sight of the people who traveled across town or the country to dance at our wedding, forget the connection we once felt to the partner whose hand we could not grip tightly enough. The walls of loneliness or despair are erected around us like masonry, blocking the presence of angels and friends.
If we can peer around and see the other folks singing and dancing, albeit sometimes limping, in this flash mob called Marriage, we could remember the steps and find our rhythm again. When our own exuberance wanes, we might borrow from the people near us whose supply has not dwindled. 
I have seen it happen. When I arrive at a marriage group meeting, or a conference, or a mentoring rendezvous, often there is a person whose feet dragged through the door. But after awhile the surge of people with enthusiasm to spare seeps into them too.
I have a clutch of friends who sometimes lure me out the door for a walk. Don't laugh, but I actually need support to keep going. I would rather enjoy the view from a car. But when my wind begins to ebb, and the person I am strolling with keeps moving her feet, it is somehow enough to keep mine swinging too. We are in this together. 
If there is ever a time when your relationship begins to lag, there are people including me who are delighted to walk with you. 
We are in this together.