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My Very Own

My twins were given their own copies of the Bible yesterday at school. They reminded me of Zuzu and her flower petals in It's a Wonderful Life, in their rapture over these precious books. Someone had inscribed their names on the title page with calligraphy. The girls were intrigued by this symbol of ownership, and the expectant pages of genealogy waiting to be filled in. We talked about how things handwritten in a Bible are considered true and sacred.
I used my own rusty calligraphy skills to add their parents' and grandparents' names. We regarded the empty spaces, awaiting the identities of spouses and children they have not yet chanced upon. I felt their hearts yawning, trying to wait for the future, a hungry longing for what will someday be. 
"I want to be a good wife and have a good husband," Hope said, more to the Author than to me. 
"I hope I have identical twins, and no autistic kids," Aurelle prayed.
The books they now owned contain a remarkable promise.
"Whatever you ask in prayer, believing you shall receive."1
I notice no small print clauses of circuitous conditions and caveats into exemptions. "Ask, believe, receive." Kind of says it all.
There is however, no expiration date mentioned. In my experience some things take longer than I had pictured. But to these tender hearted girls, waiting was less of a time out in the penalty box than a ripening.