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One Pencil

Once when I was a little girl I happened on my parents looking up at the sky together. My father was pointing at something, and my mother was smiling as she saw it too. It felt like a tender moment, the two of them sharing one vision. They were oblivious to me and anything else, just lost for a blink of time in the process of becoming man and wife. Theirs was not an easy path over the years, and somehow this tiny glimpse of their marriage was kept sacred for me as I watched them struggle with life's relentless curve balls.

Find a pencil. Brand new, unsharpened. It is similar to the way a couple starts out, fresh with no mistakes yet. We invite you to sharpen it, just as life has a way of whittling off our rough edges, and use it together with your partner to draw one picture. Choose some unsuspecting sycamore, or daffodil or pile of mismatched shoes, and start looking. Talk about what you see, not with words but with lines. Be willing to welcome each other's perspective, which interestingly enough will be different than yours.