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Price Tag


Once I was without a car and absolutely had to get somewhere. I decided to submit to something I rarely do, and borrow one. I called a friend who had an extra vehicle in her driveway, and mustered up the nerve to ask. She was very cheerful about it and so I was soon on my way. But as I was barreling down the road, surrounded by other feisty drivers, I suddenly had a feeling of panic. This car was worth a six months of our total family income! What would happen if I damaged or crashed this expensive vehicle? I slowed down, driving as carefully as I could, leaving plenty of space between me and the car in front of me. I generously gave other people the right of way, and made no brazen moves at intersections. I arrived safely where I wanted to go, and felt grateful for the trust and benevolence of my friend.

My husband is borrowed. He is not mine, and I could never replace him. God has lent him to me, and not without risk. I have driven him too fast, bent him up a few times, and worn out some of his parts. But still the Reality is, my husband is priceless. No insurance could tender the full value of this man, should I leave him in a heap by the side of the road.

Put a price tag on your spouse for a day or two. Tie it onto a button, and mark it with some symbol or number that expresses what this person means to you.