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Rent a Teenager

When the twins were born we had a summer with six renters in the attic. They were college women, and the over arching effect on our family was that we behaved better with witnesses. 
Recently Zack and his girlfriend have been spending more time at our house. Nothing epic, just doing homework and cooking omelettes. But I am noticing their effect on me.
They have been dating for two years, and the cozy factor is still fresh. When he fries up some eggs, she parks herself on a stool near him to chat. If they watch a movie they do it on the same couch. If they are pounding out papers for English they keep the space between their laptops narrow.
I notice that John and I have drifted away from this practice. His favorite spot to plug in his Mac is at his desk, while I snuggle up under a quilt in the living room. When he makes dinner I gratefully stay out of the kitchen. 
The other day when the four of us were all whipping up food at the same time the friendliness became contagious. I hugged John while he stirred the pasta. He liked that. Even Zack noticed this break from routine and smiled.  
I have often touted the benefits of younger couples learning from older ones. But I am starting to appreciate the things I can learn from newbies.