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Secret Service

I sometimes have opinions about how other people spend their money. Ridiculous, I know, but entertaining in a pathetic sort of way.
"Hey, you there. Don't have such a pricey car. And, lady you coulda gotten away with cheaper shoes. Just sayin'."
Recently I read about the cost for providing Secret Service protection for presidential candidates. It is going up. In 2000 it cost the taxpayers $54 million. In 2004 that jumped 50% to $74 million. This past year the powers that be sunk $113 million into the effort. With a population of 311 million that ripped twenty seven cents out of my pocket, an amount I had ear marked for more significant things. Like a third of a bar of soap.
Be that as it may, I observe that someone with a check book decreed that presidential wannabes are worthy of safekeeping.
My thoughts immediately migrate to marriage. Who is coughing up loose change to protect that? Personally I hold sacred vows on a higher plane than even the inhabitant of the Oval Office. His term lasts four years or maybe eight but my marriage is slated to soar into eternity. What safeguards do I have in place?

Money is not the only barrier against attack. These daily emails are called moats because they are intended to provide a puddle of defense. Mentoring is another strategy for circling up the wagons around a couple.

But the glaring embarrassment is how many couples have no plan at all. Our culture is largely mute about the issue. Home security systems get more airtime than marital security by a long shot.
So, not wanting to be nosy or anything, but hey. What are you spending on protecting your marriage this year?