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Snowflakes are tiny, lacy treasures that melt away on your tongue on a December morning. I suppose if I had lived my entire life in Tahiti, and a scruffy looking stranger tried to convince me that yes, little wet flowers of whiteness came wafting down from the sky by the thousands I would be... dubious. But most of us have seen this shift in the seasons often enough to be converted that this too is an Ordinary Miracle.

Today we invite you to find a pair of scissors. Sharpness makes the task easier, though as someone who has pounded nails with a wrench I know the determination of the under-equipped. Download the snowflake or use a plain piece of paper. Fold the paper along the dotted lines and cut away the gray areas. There is symbolism here. Notice that there are gray areas in your relationship that could use some paring down. Criticism, sarcasm, impatience are all gray areas best left on the editing room floor. You are crafting a fragile thing here, and it is not a game of the-one-who-finishes-first-wins. As you cut the paper commit to an effort to cut out some of those gray tendencies in your daily interactions with the person you married. Tell this to each other, not as ammunition for the other to use later when you fail, but as a fragile wish to do better. Tape the finished snowflakes on your window to remind you. One of the surprising things about a snowflake's gracefulness is not what is there, but what is not there. There would not be the same wonder in a solid chunk of ice. So too with relationships, they are beautiful not only for the words spoken, but for the words not spoken.