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The Actress

You are a fledgling actress. You are waiting for your first big break when your agent calls to say he landed you an audition in Steven Spielberg’s next movie. You are ecstatic! You prepare every way you can think of, and show up on the appointed day. But oh no, there is your competition... Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and Emma Thompson. You don’t stand a chance! Still you give it all you’ve got, and go home realizing it was a good experience anyway.

The next week your agent calls with the news. You got the part! It’s unbelievable! You tell everyone you know and a bunch that you don't that you have the lead in the next Steven Spielberg movie. You arrive on the set with the excitement exploding inside you. There are hundreds of people there, cameramen, the lighting crew, makeup artists, extras, and then Steven Spielberg saunters over to his director’s chair and sits down. There is a hush as he looks at you and nods. Soft music wafts in, the lights turn low. You start your dialogue, gazing at your leading man, passion in your eyes. He says a few lines and then you abruptly yell at the top of your lungs, "CUT!"

Everyone stares at you. The producer’s eyebrows go up in alarm, a few jaws slack open. Stephen Spielberg looks over his sunglasses at you as if you have gone crazy.

You start ranting... "This is all wrong.. the music should be more flamboyant, the spotlights need to be on me, I should be in front, not behind this guy..."

Well, that didn't really happen. It will probably never happen. But what does happen on an all too regular basis is that I stand in my living room and yell at my family, "CUT! My husband should be doing more around the house, my kids are too lazy, the house isn’t right, the weather is too cold..."

The director of my life's movie is even more qualified than Steven Spielberg.

Peace has within it confidence that the Lord provides all things, directs all things and leads to an end that is good. – Emanuel Swedenborg

In marriage we have a slight tendency to want to control our partner, to tell them what to say and how to say it, where to be and how to feel. Yet if we really believe the Lord is the director of our life, we will follow His leading, as if He is qualified to do so.