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The Heart


The heart really is an incredible symbol of love. It never stops pumping for the duration of life on this planet. This humble organ is the platform for all interaction, without it we come to a screeching halt. The rhythmic pulsing is the current of life flowing in our veins.

Love is the life of a person. We are wired to give and receive love, or we wither. How fascinating that the journey of blood around the body is such a convoluted one. I suppose the reflective red blood cell could find this endless pilgrimage somewhat discouraging. “Hey, I have done this before.” or “Didn't I refurbish you just last week?”

But the relentless circuit continues, through days and nights, weeks and years. Find or draw a heart and send it on a journey between the two of you. Take turns tucking it in each other's pocket, or computer case, or favorite mug. See if you can keep the pulse up for a fraction of the time that your own beating heart does. Find it when life feels too rushed and anemic.... and remember. 

And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit will I put within you. – Ezekiel 36