What's the Difference?

The teachings of the New Church offer a perspective on marriage that is different from traditional Christianity. Here is a brief summary of some of the differences.

Traditional Concept of Marriage New Church Concept of Marriage
Marriage Ends with Death
Marriage is a temporary arrangement, only for life in this world, "till death do us part." We have no gender identity after death.
Marriage Lasts Forever
Partners who truly love each other continue to love each other after death. Those who have not found love here, find happy marriages in the next life if they truly love marriage.
Marriage Is Worldly
When Married Love was written few people thought of marriage as a spiritual relationship. It was a business relationship, a way of legitimizing inheritances or gaining social status or political power. It was a sexual relationship, not a spiritual one, often seen as conflicting with or distracting from spirituality.
Marriage Is Spiritual and Heavenly
Genuine marriage springs from our connection with God, and depends on our having a concept of God as humane, compassionate, loving and wise. True married love brings a person closer to God and makes a person more spiritual, opening up higher levels of consciousness in a person.
Husbands Rule Their Wives
Traditional Christianity (and many other religions) taught that men should be in charge. In Christianity this went back to statements by Peter and Paul that husbands are heads of their wives as Christ is head of the church.
Men and Women Are Equal
Married Love clearly states that husbands are not the heads of their wives, but both are equally subject to the Lord. Any desire of one partner to control the other takes away from the marriage. Love can only be given in freedom.