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B 2: CANCELLED DUE TO SICKNESS-Has Your Marriage Been Building a Useful Society?—Miriam Gruber

Take the opportunity to look back on your marriage. You may find, as I have, that the Lord works in mysterious wayts to bring about a positive impact in the world around you. In my own marriage I often felt we were less than a stellar couple. We were never exactly pillars of our society, or an example of what a heavenly marriage would look like.

In fact much of my life has looked crazy as if we were winging it every step of the way. We were doing what had to be done as the needs presented themselves.

Now after 40 years I can look back and see just how amazing our journey together has been.  How the Lord took two people and used them to give solace, shelter, and strength to a host of people in need.

My workshop will be an opportunity to investigate  how the Lord has in the past and will continue to in the future use you as a couple, to perform His works.

My objective is to bring a sense of wonder at your marriage.  To discover how even when you feel your marriage is rather mundane, it actually has the potential and probability of creating a powerful society uniquely equipped to serve others.

Miriam and Mark Gruber were married in 1977. Four children 11 grandchildren and 3 dogs. They live in North Carolina.