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B 4: Dealing with Trauma—Tom Rose

This presentation will focus on the invasive nature of trauma or crisis in our lives - what it is, how to work through it, and how to help others cope with it. Generally, we don’t understand our own response to trauma. We may think we’re overreacting or that we’re “going crazy” or that nobody can possibly understand what we’re going through. The truth is that there are measured and studied effects of trauma. For the most part victims of trauma are experiencing normal reactions to an abnormal event. A word of caution: Talking about trauma can trigger past trauma. A subject like this is, by nature, somewhat graphic. So, take care of yourselves, and still I encourage you to come and hopefully gain some new perspective on this topic!

Tom Rose served for 24 years as a New Church minister in the General Church of the New Jerusalem. In 2012 he was put on total disability due to a congenital blood condition called thrombophilia. Treatment went well enough that he came off of disability in 2016 and is now the Associate Pastor of the Lord’s New Church on Huntingdon Road in Bryn Athyn, PA. Tom has worked in graphic art and design, as a production manager at Burroughs Corporation, and was a sergeant in the US Air Force. He has done volunteer first-responder service as a firefighter, EMT and ambulance captain, county crisis response team member, NYC Ground Zero crisis counselor and fire, ambulance and police chaplain. He has served as an American Legion Post Chaplain and is currently a Certified Crisis Chaplain with the National Center for Crisis Management. He and Annette are happily married and will celebrate their 38th anniversary this summer.

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