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A 1: Marriage, Intimacy and Children (Part 1)—Michael and Gwenda Cowley 


This is a two session workshop. Part 2 is found in Workshop B1. Participants can attend either part or both.

Michael and Gwenda have been providing workshops based on John and Julie Gottman’s research for over a decade. This interactive session  is a continuation of their work based on Gottman’s book: And Baby Makes Three. It is especially geared for new parents or those looking toward parenthood. The workshop’s goal is to strengthen the marriage so couples learn as much about taking care of one another as they do about caring for the baby. It also stresses the importance of fathers. “The secret of dad’s involvement with the baby is his relationship with the mother, and she is able to be a better mother if he’s involved with her,” Gottman says.

Couples with older children or grandchildren are encouraged to attend as the practical tips never become outdated and the experience of “veteran” parents can be especially useful to share with those entering the parenthood scene.

Michael and Gwenda Cowley have been married for thirty five years and have six children and seven grandchildren.

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