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A 6: Help! My Ego Just Got Triggered! Now What?—Ray and Star Silverman

This workshop is repeated in Slot B6.

What do you do when your ego gets triggered? Do you snap back? Sulk? Roll your eyes? Say, “Whatever”? Get Defensive? Walk out of the room? Argue? Stuff it? More importantly, what would you like to do when your ego gets triggered, and how do you get there? Come find out. In this workshop we will explore the nature of the ego (proprium) with a focus on everyday experiences—those moments when your ego gets “pricked” or “triggered,” even in the best relationships. Using New Church teachings, cutting-edge neuroscience, and the shared experiences of participants, we will offer practical advice based on how to rise above the hooks and triggers of the ego so that your relationship can remain open to the steady flow of God’s love in each moment of your life.This workshop is repeated in Slot B6.This workshop is repeated in Slot B6.

Ray and Star Silverman live in Meadowbrook, PA. They have seven children and ten grandchildren. Ray has pastored congregations in Pittsburgh and Atlanta. Since 1998 he has been teaching religion at Bryn Athyn College. Two of his most popular courses are “Religion and Marriage” and “Exploring Romantic Relationships.” He has a PhD from the University of Michigan, an MAT from Wesleyan University and an MDiv from the Bryn Athyn College Theological School. Star, who often teaches with Ray, has an MA in education from the University of Denver.

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