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C 5: Looking In then Reaching Out—Clayton Walsh

We will first read and then discuss many of the points outlined in the 1927 prose poem Desiderata, which outlines how to live a happier life. Participants will discuss with their partner their thoughts on the topics within, and how they appear in their lives. I want to dig in here. Hopefully opening up some insights based on the group's Desiderata discussion, I will lead participants in a letter writing exercise. Couples will be asked to hand-write a letter to someone who means a lot to them as a couple, or someone who is having a hard time and the couple would like to reach out to. After constructing the letter, couples will send it to the person they have addressed.

Clayton Carpenter Walsh grew up in and near Bryn Athyn and after an undergraduate degree at Penn State and Graduate degree at Drexel, settled into his current home in Warminster with his wife, Jolene and 3 children, Kya (13), Jaiden (12) and Alice (5). Clayton married Jolene in 2004. Clayton currently works for both the Bryn Athyn Boro, as well as the General Church. He also writes for the Intelligencer and Bucks County Courier Times newspapers as a freelance reporter, and is vice president of Charity in Action, which supports incoming refugees in Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties.



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