Workshop Details


C ----------------- Workshops for Session C (3:15-4:45) -----------------


C 1: COMPLETELY FULL-Sudanese Cooking—Saadia Ali

Come for a cooking workshop in which we will make a Sudanese meal of traditional chicken and rice.

Saadia Ali and her family are from Sudan and the Bryn Athyn Church has been helping them create a new life in the Philadelphia area. 




C 2: COMPLETELY FULL!-Ceramics—Christina Orthwein

Come have fun playing with clay! Try your hand at throwing on the potter’s wheel as we discuss how the different stages of making and firing a pot relate to your spiritual journey. It takes place in the ceramics studio in the Fine Arts Building. Enter under the archway that connects to Benade Hall. Limited to twelve participants.
Christina Orthwein and her husband George are raising three wonderful sons. She is a college instructor and a wonderful potter.

C 3: Couples' Yoga—Hannah Cole


Time to bring the spark back in your bedroom. Yoga, minimalism and health tips will be included in reigniting your relationship with your partner. You will need to bring a mat, a thick bath towel and some water with you.

After years of practicing the violin, Hannah Cole was left with injuries which led her to put it down and find a new journey. This led to her find yoga which shanged her life and health. She wanted to share that joy with others and in 2014 she became a certified yoga instructor. Hannah is a passionate minimalist, vegan and is currently studying to become a holistic health coach and a personal trainer. Her passion lies in helping people transform their lives to be the best versions of themselves. 


C 4: Choosing a Mentoring Relationship or Marriage Group—John and Lori Odhner


Our workshop will be a chance to see what both a mentoring quartet and marriage group is like. That will make it easier to know if either of those options are a good fit for you. You will get to hear from people who have benefitted from those programs. And even if you only come to this stand alone workshop we guarantee that you will have fun. Or your money back.

John and Lori Odhner are happy to be able to work behind the scenes at the conference again this year.