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Welcome to Marriage Moats!

Whirlygig by charamelody.

“My son Benjamin’s latest recurring question is about moats. He asks “What is a moat?” eager to hear again what he already knows.

“A moat is water that surrounds a castle and keeps it safe from enemies.”

He smiles, and asks what enemies are.

“They are people who want to hurt you.” 

He wanders off into a memory about moats in movies he has seen, and laughs about bad guys who fell into them. 

People sometimes say that a person’s home is his or her castle.
Marriage can be a castle, but that does not mean it is never under attack. 

I am intrigued by the idea of a moat, as a deterrent for flame flinging masked marauders.

This daily message is called Marriage Moats, because it is a modest obstacle to those influences that undermine marriage. It will offer a puddle of protection in the form of a quote, or anecdote, or book blurb. Some mornings it will slip into your inbox, and you will hurriedly delete it sight unseen. Other days you will open it, as you invite in those few sentences that may surround your mental fortress with a waterway that keeps you safer. Water is like truth, in that it keeps you clean and quenched, and paired with a boat, gets you to places you would be hard pressed to find otherwise. Truth can transport you to resorts as well, places of refuge, and beauty. 

Marriage Moats is one wet barrier you can create to stave off the armies of negativity and apathy that incessantly bash on your door. 

You may even find it funny to watch the critical thoughts splashing and thrashing, unable to reach you, while you watch from a turret in the clouds.