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What we believe about marriage

Marriage Is from God

Marriage is a loving union between two people that joins their hearts and souls into one. This kind of marriage begins with a loving relationship with God. The way we think of God embodies our highest ideals. If we think of God as punishing, angry or vengeful, it tends to reflect that anger in our relationships, particularly marriages. If we think of God as distant and impersonal, we make distant and withdrawn relationships the ideal. On the other hand, if we think of God as a person who is perfectly loving and wise, and whose only goal is to give happiness to others, then this becomes the ideal we strive for in our personal relationships.

Marriage Is Eternal

When a husband and wife love each other truly a connection is formed between them that not only survives death, but continues to grow deeper and happier forever. The Lord provides completely happy marriages to everyone in heaven who desires it.

Marriage Is Joyful

Marriage can be hellish when partners hurt or try to control each other, but when partners build their relationship by turning to the Lord, avoiding hurtful and controlling attitudes, and putting each other first, marriage is the source of the greatest happiness and joy human beings can possibly experience.

Marriage Is Useful

The Lord gives happiness with every unselfish act of service. Good marriages have the greatest happiness because they are most useful. Through healthy marriages love grows stronger, children grow healthier and communities grow happier and safer. Ultimately marriages make heaven grow the same ways.